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Hartford Courant, April 21, 1924



(Special to The Courant)

Washington D.C., April 20


The United States Geographic Board has informed Representative P.B. O’Sullivan of Derby that it had voted unanimously to change the official name of Lake Humphreys to Lake Zoar. Lake Zoar is an artificial lake on the Housatonic River near Derby, the name of which has caused considerable local agitation.


The lake, which was formed a number of years ago by a dam of the Connecticut Light and Power Company, lies in the town of Seymour and Newtown and near the school district of Zoar and an old bride which also went by that name.


The New Haven chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution, wishing to honor the name of General David Humphreys, a Revolutionary hero, asked the 1923 session of the legislature to name the Lake Humphreys, but the Legislature refused to do so.


TRANSCRIBER’S NOTE:  The Hartford Courant got it wrong.  The lake is not in “Seymour and Newtown”.  The Lake lies within the four towns of Oxford, Monroe, Southbury and Newtown.

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