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Hartford Courant, Nov. 27, 1919



      Power to be Ready by December 1.

(Special to The Courant.)

Stevenson, Nov. 26


Already the water is more than fifty feet deep in the great lake that is being developed by the wonderful dam here. One mighty water wheel is already spinning around and by December 1, a month earlier than the management predicted, this addition to the manufacturing power of the state will be at its work and helping to turn the wheels of industry. The lake is steadily lengthening and widening and assuming more and more the look that in time will be its every day appearance.  Foresighted people are already securing sites by the waterside so as to have bungalows that can be easily reached at this new watering place. It will be the scene of much boating and fishing.


The recent sad accident at Waterbury, which crippled the service, caused a loss of much power and this will be largely made up when these dynamos begin to get their work in. The new highway across the dam has been in use for some days now, though it will be in better shape later when it is floored with new paving


There is a space of about twenty feet still to be filled over the 1,500 acres and when that is done the water will begin to run over the dam and the sight will be worth a long journey. As has been told before, the new source of power will save our manufacturers millions of dollars now used to buy coal. There is no limit to the demand for electricity and this harnessing of the Housatonic will develop tens of thousands of horse powers.

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