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Hartford Courant, November 15, 1919


$48,000 PARED FROM $50,000


SUPERIOR Court Committee allows $2,000

For Property of Two Oxford Men – Money left with County Treasurer


(Special to The Courant.)

Waterbury, November 14


A committee appointed by Judge Donald T. Warner to make an appraisal of property affected by the plan of the Connecticut Light and Power Company to inundate 1,500 acres of Housatonic Valley by means of the Stevenson Dam filed its report this morning with the clerk of the Superior Court here.


The valuation of twenty acres of land owned by Michael J. Cassidy and one, Johnson, of Oxford, which Mr. Cassidy claimed in court was valued at $50,000, was set down in the committee’s report for $2,000, a difference of $48,000.  Mr. Cassidy acquired the property last spring, conveying a half interest to Johnson.  The plan of the power company had been announced several months previously.


Two other pieces of property in the vicinity, one each owned by Charles J. McCarthy and William J. Hamilton of Waterbury, were appraised at $100 each by the committee, of which Harrison Hewitt of New Haven was chairman. The total estimated damages is $2,200.


When notified of the filing of the appraisal committee’s report, Vice-President J. Henry Roraback of the Connecticut Light and Power Company immediately deposited with Samuel R. Lanyon, treasurer of New Haven County the total of appraisals, to be forwarded by him to the landowners. This cleared all obstacles to the flooding of the territory behind the dam.


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