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Hartford Courant, November 14, 1919

Litigation cleared, Power Company

to Close Dam at Once


 Village of Riverside will be in Ten-Mile Lake in Days Settlement Ends Injunction Proceedings


Settlement being effected yesterday in the injunction proceedings brought against the Connecticut Light & Power Company by Nathan W. Hendryx of New Haven,  engineers at the big Stevenson dam in the Housatonic River were preparing last night to close the gates and begin flooding the 1,500 acre basin. 


By the middle of next week, the place that was once the village of Riverside will be under water and a new ten-mile lake the largest in Connecticut will have been created in the Housatonic Valley. 


At the present flow of the river, about 4,000 cubic feet of water will be emptied into the growing lake every second until the water level reaches the top of the dam.


Arguments were proceeding yesterday before Judge Gardiner Green in the injunction proceedings when the settlement was reached by the litigants. The case was immediately withdrawn, leaving the power company free to proceed with the flooding.


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