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Hartford Courant, July 27, 1919



Connecticut Society Plans

Outing on Banks of Housatonic


The summer meeting of the Connecticut Society of Civil Engineers will be held Wednesday on the banks of the Housatonic River, near Stevenson, a short distance below Zoar Bridge, where a big dam is now under construction for the Connecticut Light & Power Company. The members of the society will be the guests of Charles W. Blakeslee & Sons, who are constructing the dam, and the Connecticut Light and Power Company.


A baseball game, not limited to regulation ball, will be played betweeen Hartford and New Haven, each team having the privilege of recruiting players from other towns.  A  sound, healthy umpire is promised and anything short of throwing missiles will be in order. There will be a relay race between the same contestants, a show race, a three-legged race and a quoit tournament, open to all entries, and a standing broad smile, open to men over 50 years old. Prizes will be awarded.


Luncheon will be spread by the hosts and music will be furnished by members of the Governorís Food Guard Band under director George Heyer. Members who expect to attend are requested to notify the secretary.  William M. Bolton will be in charge of the music and the committee on sports will consist of Robert J. Ross, Henry W. Storrs, F. Perry Close, Frederick L. Coe, W. LeRoy Ulrich and Mr. Ross have been named a committee to direct Hartford members to Stevenson.

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