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February 23, 1899  New Haven Register



Plan of the Housatonic Power

Company for Work at Zoar Bridge.


The Housatonic Power Company has asked the Legislature for an amendment to its charter, to enable it to commence the work this spring of constructing an immense dam at Zoar Bridge, five miles from this city. The dam will be 400 feet wide, 35 feet high and 20,000 horse power.


The tremendous water power thus generated will be utilized for the distribution of electricity for light, power and heat throughout New Haven and Fairfield counties. The transmission of electrical power will be made to all points in the Housatonic Valley from Bridgeport to New Milford, in the Naugatuck Valley from Milford to Waterbury, and to Danbury, South Norwalk and other places in Western Connecticut.  It is confidently expected that transmission can be made to points thirty miles away without material loss of power.


The new dam will be the second highest in New England.

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