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February 11, 1893   New-Haven-Register


One big ice gorge gives way

The wreck of the suspension bridge at Zoar by a Mighty

 Rush from the Housatonic of Ice and water

Families held prisoner by the ice.  Travel impeded


ANSONIA, Conn., Feb. 11 -- H. G. Loveland of Newtown started for Birmingham with his horse and carriage this morning but he was brought standing by the wreck of the suspension bridge at Zoar. The ice came down from the river last Tuesday and formed a gorge at Otter Rock. The water backed up to within six feet of the floor of the bridge, wherein remaining until 9 o'clock last night. At that hour a gorge further up the river gave way and ice came down with a mighty rush. It covered the floor of the bridge, knocked off the planking from each end and bent and twisted the iron cables.


The Widow French's house is surrounded by ice to the second story window. The Stone house on the west side of the river was lifted from its foundations and carried up against a big maple tree, where it became anchored.


John Dillon's family has been held prisoners in their house since Tuesday by the ice. At Otter Rock the ice is piled 25 feet high along the river bank. At Squantuck, the Postal Telegraph Company's wires were thrown down. The gorge broke during the night and let the water out. The damage cannot yet be estimated.

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