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April 19, 1890 New-Haven-Register


New Haven and Fairfield Commissioners

Meet today to Talk About Zoar Bridge

A joint meeting of the commissioners of New Haven and Fairfield Counties, was held in the offices of the former this morning, Commissioner Hiram Jacobs presiding. Fairfield was represented by Commissioners Page, Johnson and Olmsted.  The questions under consideration related to the old toll house at Zoar Bridge. Last fall, under the recent act of the legislature, this bridge was transferred from the towns of Oxford and Monroe to the two counties. The two towns now hold that the transfer of the bridge did not include the toll house.  A few weeks ago the two towns arranged to sell the toll house, a two story building, 18 by 23 feet. Commissioner Dunham, who was present at the auction, informed those present that whoever purchased the building must remove it at once. The suspension bridge cables are fastened to wooden towers twenty feet high. The toll house on the Oxford side, is only ten feet from the wooden tower, and it was deemed unsafe to allow the building to remain as in case of fire the safety of the bridge would be jeopardized. In consequence of the warning the toll house was not sold. With the site of the building was valued at about $650, but it was not considered of much value if taken to pieces and removed.


Recently the New Haven Commissioners gave notice to the selectmen of Oxford and Monroe that the building must be removed by May 31, or the former would claim ownership.  At the joint meeting today, this was reaffirmed. Tilton E. Doolittle was called in for an opinion and he maintained that the action of the commissioners was perfectly just. If the building is not removed by May 31, the commissioners will take legal measures to determine their rights, as they are determined to have the building removed.

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