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March 15, 1888   New-Haven-Register  (After Blizzard of 88)



Zoar's Bridge Residents Needing Food.

No News Yet of Missing Mrs. McGee


BIRMINGHAM, CONN, March 15 - A story of terrible suffering among the three or four hundred residents of Zoar's Bridge was made known here today by a man who came from that place to Birmingham on snow shoes. He related that the inhabitants were so thoroughly hemmed in by huge snow drifts that it would be some time before they would be able to dig themselves out.  In the meantime they would suffer for the want of food. They had only a scanty supply of eatables when the storm struck that section of the country, and long before today would, in the opinion of the news bearer, have consumed the same.  In his judgment, unless there was immediate help from adjacent localities, there was great danger that some of the poor residents would die of starvation. The moment the news was made known hereabouts, steps were taken to relieve the distressed people.


There was rejoicing over one fact in this town today and that was the announcement that the Naugatuck track between Waterbury and Derby was clear. The first mails from Waterbury were carried here today and will be shipped to New York by the Naugatuck Steamboat Company. There were 100 men with their teams at work removing the snow from the thoroughfare.


Mrs. McGee, the Ansonia who is reported missing and is supposed to have perished in the storm has not been found, but she may be alive.

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