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February 22, 1888   New-Haven-Register


Photographers take pictures today of the

ice gorge -- repairing damages


BIRMINGHAM, Conn., Feb. 22 -- The scene around Zoar Bridge today is a beautiful one People residing in many of the houses there cannot get out owing to the ice blockage. The highway is impassable and the scene is being visited by hundreds. The water is falling today but is leaving cakes of ice behind that will not melt away until next July.  Fences and barns in the vicinity have been demolished and considerable farm produce swept away. 


The blockade at the Washington Bridge is also a beautiful one, and photographers were at work taking pictures.


The Housatonic dam is also being visited today by hundreds of people who gaze upon the immense volume of water rolling over with wonder. The roar of the water is terrific and the spray which rises from it glistens in the sun like diamonds.

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