A  letter Emily C. (Chatfield) Sperry wrote in 1899 lists many of this family. One paragraph follows,  which notes Harriet under the name "Hattie" is quoted below.

Feb 1899 letter written by Emily (Chatfield) Sperry

     "Now I must give you news of your relations here.  Aunt Hattie Warner lives at number 10 University Place, New Haven.  Arthur Warner, their son, and family live in the same house with them.  Mary their daughter, teaches in the kindergarten, public school, boards home.  Uncle Egbert Warner, is losing his mind.  He had to give up business.  His general health is good, may live several years.  Auntie does the work for the three in family and looks after Uncle Egbert.  She seems very well.  Aunt Julia is a great worker in the church (does sewing for Mary Warner), and her mother, sister Hattie, beside.)  Uncle William has rheumatism which troubles him.  Manages to get about and use his pair of horses.  He does a great deal of riding during the summer.  Is very good to take different people to ride.  He likes to take a drive up to Oxford when the traveling is fine.  We get a treat once or twice during the summer.  Wales Chatfield your only own uncle living, on your father's side, lives on the old homestead in Oxford.  They have only two children.  William Everett is 22 years old, works on the farm with his father, unmarried.  Mary the daughter is 17.  She has been attending school for 2 years in N.H. and boarded with us.  The first year, 1897, she attended a young ladies school, stayed there one year.  Her health would not permit of her graduation.  This year she is home.  She may teach next season if her mother can spare her help".
    Keep in touch - hoping to heart from you soon.

Letter from the collection of 
Cheryl (Chatfield) Thompson  (See her other Chatfield family material here)