Frances A. Wilcoxson                        Oxford, April 12th, 1850
When this you see remember me
Though many miles apart
when this you see, remember me
And place me in your heart.

Wilcoxson, Frances A.
Frances Ann Wilcoxson dau Nathan J. & Anna (Blackman) Wilcoxson
b: Jul 26, 1831 White Hills, CT
md:  Egbert Lewis Warner (as his 1st wife) May 16, 1860 Plymouth, Litchfield, CT
d:  Sept. 19, 1861
Egbert Lewis Warner md: Harriet Crittendon Chatfield for his 2nd wife

Age calculated to be abt. 19 when signing quilt.
Daughter of Judge Nathan J. Wilcoxson -- Oxford's first Judge of Probate.
See her family info at OxfordPast.net

She is buried in Congregational Cemetery, see WPA  Oxford Cemetery List, page 2

After her Frances' death, Egbert Warner married Harriet Crittendon Chatfield.  (see OxfordPast.net for his info)    Egbert Warner represented Oxford in the State Legislature in 1869-70, see Sharpe, page 178.
Egbert's second marriage:
Mary Lewis Warner, daughter of Egbert & Harriet (Chatfield) Warner, baptized at St. Peters.  See Sharpe, page
Charles B. Warner, son of Egbert & Harriet (Chatfield), baptized at St. Peter's Church, Jan 114, 1864 (
Sharpe, page 106) and buried Sept 1, 1865, aged 1 yr, 8 months -  see Sharpe, page 120
Read about their son Arthur G. Warner, here
See also family letter regarding Harriet ("Hattie") and Egbert Warner

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