Frances Treat
April 1st 1852                              Oxford, Conn

Treat, Frances
Frances Eunice Treat dau Elijah & Elizabeth Ann (Terrell) Treat
Birth:  Sep 05, 1836  Oxford, New Haven, Connecticut
Death:  Apr 18, 1859   (age 22 yrs, 7 mos.)
md: never married.
Age calculated to be abt. 16 when signing quilt. 
Baptized at St. Peter's Church, May 27, 1838 - see Sharpe, page 104
Funeral at St. Peter's Church,  April 21k 1859 -
see Sharpe, page 119
WPA Cemetery Records, Pines Bridge Cemetery, Beacon Falls, Page 24
Given name at baptism,  Eunice Frances Treat, but went by Frances.
Lived in Treat-DeBisschop Homestead, house #138  in Early Houses of Oxford, available from Oxford Historical Society, Inc.
Old photo of  Treat-DeBisschop Homestead
See family in
Sister another quilt signer Elizabeth Jane Treat, called Jane by her family
Attended neighorhood Chestnut Tree Hill School in Oxford (See l887 school picture)  Note picture of her other sister, Mary, in school picture
She was a near-neighbor of Harriet Crittenden Chatfield

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