The chosen motto of my heart
Is this "forget me not."

Jane E. Treat
Treat, Jane E.
Jane Elizabeth Treat dau Elijah & Elizabeth Ann (Terrell) Treat
Birth:  May 27, 1838  Oxford, New Haven, Connecticut
Death:  Apr 19, 1863  (age 24 yrs. 10 mos.)
md: never married
Signature NOT dated
Baptized at St. Peter's Church, May 27, 1838 - see Sharpe, page 104
WPA Cemetery Records, Pines Bridge Cemetery, Beacon Falls, Page 24
Given name at baptism (May 27, 1838 at St. Peter's Episcopal church) Elizabeth Jane Treat - went by Jane.
Lived in Treat-DeBisschop Homestead, house #138  in Early Houses of Oxford, available from Oxford Historical Society, Inc.
Old photo of  Treat-DeBisschop Homestead
See family in
Sister of another quilt signer - Frances Treat,
Attended neighorhood Chestnut Tree Hill School in Oxford (See l887 school picture)  Note picture of her other sister, Mary, in school picture
She was a near-neighbor of Harriet Crittenden Chatfield.

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