Samuel P. Sanford
Dec. 3rd, 1851                                         Oxford, Conn

4th cousin to Harriet C. Chatfield,  brother to Harriet Augusta Sanford  (who also signed the quilt)
He married Julia Augusta Fairchild sister of Ellen and Anna Fairchild who also signed the quilt.
 Samuel Pierpont Sanford son of Marcus & Harriet (Perry) Sanford
 b: Jul 01, 1827 Oxford, New Haven, CT
 md: Julia Augusta Fairchild Apr 10, 1863 Oxford, New Haven, CT

Age calculated to be abt. 24 when signing quilt. 
Burial in Congregational Cemetery, see WPA Oxford Cemetery List, page 3
Photo of Samuel Pierpont Sanford and his wife, Julia Augusta Fairchild
Lived at 1 Academy Road (See Photo)  -- House #89, Early Houses of Oxford
His brother, George P. Sanford, represented Oxford in the State Legislature in 1895, See Sharpe, page 178
See his family at

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History of New Haven County, page 549-550
Edited by J. L. Rockey, Volume II, New York, W. W. Preston & Co., New York, 1892

SAMUEL PIERPONT SANFORD, one of Oxford's most active and successful business men, was born in that town July 1st, 1827. He was a son of Marcus  and Harriet (Perry) Sanford, being the oldest of three children, there being a younger son, George P., also a son of Oxford, and a daughter, Augusta H. who married J.M.D. Hendrick of New Haven. Both parents deceased many years ago, the father dying on his farm on Five Mile hill when he was about 48 years of age. He was a son of Doctor Samuel Sanford, a native of Bethany, who was the first physician at Humphreysville, where he died, January 25th, 1803, aged 38 years. In December, 1797, he was given permission to build a smallpox hospital north of Castle Rock for the purpose of inoculating against that disease. Another son of Doctor Sanford, Marvin, was a cooper and joiner at Quakers' Farm, and a third son, Samuel P., after living in the south, died in New York.

Samuel Pierpont Sanford, the subject of this sketch, working on his father's farm until he was 17 years of age, attending ini that period for a short time the common schools of the town. He was now apprenticed to learn the carpenter and joiners' trade, which he followed five years after he obtained his freedom. In the fall of 1852 he turned his attention to mercantile pursuits, becoming a clerk in the store of Frederick A. Candee (See photo here)   [WEBSITE NOTE: Candee  married Louisa Augusta Hotchkiss, the older sister of Henrietta and William Hotchkiss who signed the quilt.] , of Oxford Center.  After five years of diligent application and faithful service, he succeeded Mr. Candee in his business in December 1857, and since that time has been almost continuously in trade for himself. During the rebellion the post office was kept at his store, which was burned down in 1870. The store building now occupied was erected in 1875. Here he has been engaged not only as a general merchant, but his transactions have extended to many other operations, including large contracts in railway lumber.

In all his affairs Mr. Sanford has been energetic and industrious, persevering when many other men would have been discouraged, and has been rewarded by a large measure of business success. Although so actively devoted to his own affairs, he has not lost his interest in the welfare of his native town. His influence in the furtherance of necessary public improvements if frequently felt, but he has always preferred the walks of private life, wherein he is known as one of the plainest, most unassuming citizens of the town, but pone whose advice on business matters is often sought and safely followed. He is prudent in his own affairs, and his judgment is clear and positive.

Mr. Sanford was married April 10th, 1863 to Julia A., daughter of Beecher and August (Sherman) Fairchild, of Oxford, and five children were born to them: Lewis B., born July 26th, 1864, died August 29th, 1865; Robert I., born September 18th, 1866; Sherman, born September 22nd, 1868; Ruth, born August 31st, 1871; Edward F., born August 23d, 1876.  All the members of the family remain in Oxford, the elder sons being engaged with their father in business, and are active, promising young men.