Laura A. Sanford
Woodbridge, Conn
Sanford, Laura A.
Laura Sanford dau Thomas & Jane (Hotckiss) Sanford
b: Jan 12, 1839 Woodbridge, New Haven, CT
Charles Smith Nov 18, 1869 Woodbridge, New Haven, CT
Signature NOT dated

In the 1850 Census, the persons (and their ages)  enumerated at their home in Woodbridge included:

Thomas Sanford 41 
 Jane Sanford 40 
Wallace S Sanford 13 
QUILT SIGNER   Laura A Sanford 11 
QUILT SIGNER   Jane L Sanford 08 
Thomas P Sanford 05 
Ernest A Sanford 02 
Laura Downey 22 
Cornelia Downey 21?20 
Emily Chatfield 17, (sister to harriet Crittendon Chatfield born 23 Apr 1833 and died 27 Mar 1924. --see Photo here)
QUILT SIGNER  Mary E. Seymour 19 
Connecticut Page: 262 Roll: M432_45

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