Horace S. Cable
Sept. 10th, 1851                              New Haven, Conn.

First cousin of Harriet Crittenden Chatfield
Horace Scott Cable son of Roswell & Hannah (Chatfield) Cable
 b: ca 1822? Oxford, New Haven, CT
 d: June 11, 1855

Age calculated to be abt. 29 when signing quilt.

Funeral at St. Peter's Church, see Sharpe, page 118

See Oxford Past family tree
Their house is pictured on page 128 of Images of Oxford. (Available from Oxford Historical Society, Inc.)
The family is mentioned in Davis' Reminiscences of Oxford.
Sibling of Glover W. Cable, State Representative from Oxford in 1887. See William C. Sharpe, Oxford Sketches and Records, page 178.
Attended neighorhood Chestnut Tree Hill School in Oxford (See l887 school picture)
Photo of parents -- Roswell & Hannah (Chatfield) Cable
Baptized at St. Peter's Episcopal Church as an adult, Sept. 9, 1848  -- see Sharpe, page 103

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