330 QUAKER FARMS ROAD George P. Sanford Homestead ca. 1750 (1976 #8, WPA #7)


The George P. Sanford homestead at 330 Quaker Farms Road was built about 1750 and is presently owned by David Heim and Katherine Foran.


The house is a one-and-one-half-story, Dutch-style structure with a central brick chimney. There are four fireplaces throughout the house. The one in the keep- ing room features a beehive bake oven in the right- hand wall. The windows are in keeping with the age of the house, with 12-over-12 or 12-over-8 lights.


One unusual and intriguing feature is a secret cup- board in an upstairs bedroom. The door to the cup- board is small and easily concealed behind a chest. Inside is what appears to be a storage space under the attic stairs, but at the back end there is enough room for a grown man to stand behind the chimney and be completely hidden. The purpose of this cup- board is unknown, but it sparks the imagination.


The house is on a gentle rise from the road, with a wooded background to complement its colonial beauty.